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                                  i2004 IP Nortel phone



Simplified Management: i2004 connects directly into an Ethernet LAN and automatically obtains IP address assignments via a standard DHCP server, reducing the time and costs associated with traditional moves, adds and changes.
Advanced telephony feature and application access: Extends traditional telephony features and advanced applications such as CallPilot Unified Messaging and Symposium and Meridian Integrated applications over an Ethernet connection.
Common across multiple platforms: Provides investment protection across multiple platforms including Meridian 1, Meridian SL-100, BCM, Succession 1000 and Carrier based platforms.
Operational efficiency: Supports a Power over LAN Hub and is available with an integrated Ethernet switch module to allow the i2004 and a desktop PC to share a single LAN connection.
Direct connection to LAN allows customers to capitalize on the economies of a simplified wiring system within the enterprise.
Enterprises can flexibly provide users with features and services they require to balance user functionality, streamlined management, and reduced facilities costs.
New feature enhancements with the ITG 2.2 Line card include: extending the number of user-programmable line/feature keys supported from 6 to 12 via the Shift Key. Increased security with password protected TN entry. Enhanced resilience and performance with TCP Transport Protocol support, Broadcast/Multicast storm protection

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